What's the deal with compact flash vs. SD?

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Re: What's the deal with compact flash vs. SD?

jollibug wrote:

Should I be buying SD cards with a CF adapter? Or do you think CF
cards will be sticking around for a long while? Does it look like
SD cards are more future proof?

I'm assuming you are asking this in relation to a dSLR as almost all compact point and shoot cameras have already standardized on SD. CF will be around for at least a couple more years in dSLRs, but i'm guessing they will be slowly phased out in favor of SD. There are a number of industrial applications that alos use CF cards, so the format isn't going to completely disappear any time soon. Two things to keep in mind though; With some CF to SD adapters, the SD card hangs out the end of the adapter. This may interfere with the door on your camera. Two, by the time CF does start getting phased out, a 2GB SD card will probably cost around $20. Unless you are looking at a 2GB or larger card, I wouldn't even worry about it since something like a 512MB card would be considered tiny in few years.

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