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Re: How about 'the 90 degree solution'?

Vertical mounting is great if you don't have many to do. But if you have many, floor placement is the fastest as is my case. Much faster if each art piece is a different size and has a different media/mounting. Also it is easy to drob a plumb bob to determing the exact center to minimize keystone distortion quickly. i use a neutral background (large piece of neutral grey art paper) on the floor as the aspect ratio of the photo never matches the aspect ratio on the artwork. I've done this for posters and announcements for a NYC art gallery show.

I think my stepstool suggestion in an earlier post is the ideal solution if I envision what the OP problem is.

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Steve in the Big Oh wrote:

Why not (temporarily) mount the artwork vertically -- as it would
be normally displayed? If its unframed paper, you could simply use
strip magnets (on the fridge door) or clip it to an (indoor) line
with small weights taped to the back. You can then use your camera
and tripod in the conventional position. Be certain the camera is
level, to avoid 'keystone' distortion.

When I needed copies of some large, old photos for which no negs
existed, I used strip magnets to hold them to the fridge door. I
positioned conventional photo floods at 45 degree angles to the
photos, then used custom white balance to get the colors correct.
Everyone said the copies were quite good!
Go a little farther, see a littler farther.

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