Nikon D70s or Canon 350D for low light Kung-Wu action + light? Please help!

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Nikon D70s or Canon 350D for low light Kung-Wu action + light? Please help!

Hi, everybody,

Photography was my hobby for about 10 years with 35 mm SLR experience + few months digital P&S, mainly nature + family. These days I’ve been invited to make good quality pictures of Kung-Wu competition at the end of January. I am going to purchase semi-pro DSLR + lense(s) + light to get good results and be able to use and upgrade this equipment in the future.


1. SITE: about 15x10 m floor, 4.5 m high, floor and 2 m of walls are yellow lacquered wood with reflection spot when using direct flash;

2. LIGHT: low luminescent mixed with about 25% day light from 0.5 m windows above near the ceiling. Fuji FinePix 5600 measures it as 1/40-1/60 sec F 3.2 at ISO 200;

3. DISTANCE & FL: most shots will be made from the distance of 2-4 m (36-70 mm in 35 mm SLR equivalent) + few 20-30 people groups (24-30 mm in 35 mm SLR equivalent);
4. SHUTTER: should be 1/400-1/500 sec to freeze quick movements;

5. FLASH: more likely that direct flash during the competition won’t be allowed except rewarding and group shots at the end.

Please, help and advise:

1. At the moment I considering Nikon D70s + DX 17-55mm f/2.8G IF-ED AF-S or Canon 350D + 16-35 mm f/2.8 + …? What would be better for the above task?

2. What light would you recommend to use in the above difficult conditions? 2-3 flashes on stands in the corners with reflectors, what Guide Number? Lights on stands in the corners, what K temperature, lumen brightness?
3. Will RAW shooting help to get better final quality?

Best regards,
Art Almazov

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