Digicam VGA video vs MiniDV Video?

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Tom Cody Regular Member • Posts: 113
Re: Also two question

Simple. Just look at the two video clips with your eyes...whichever one looks better, will probably still look better when converted to MPEG2 for the DVD.


marf wrote:
Perhaps someone knows the answer.

Ok fact is we get MPEG4 with 1/3 of the bitrate of MPEG1.
What do you think which looks better if played directly ?

But the second question is important for DVDs,
then I create ( using converting software )
A. one DVD for the DVD-Player with MPEG2 from [the MPEG1 file]
B. one DVD for with MPEG2 from [the MPEG4 file with 1/3 bitrate]
What do you think which looks better ?

Martin F

Tom Cody wrote:

I'm pretty sure your W1/W5 uses MPEG1, not MPEG2. But anyway...

As a general rule...for video compressed at the same bitrate, MPEG2
will look better than MPEG1 and MPEG4 (H.263) will look better than
MPEG2. MPEG4 AVC (H.264) will look better than them all. Each one
is a generation better than the last...

But the thing is that MPEG4 cameras don't record video at the same
bitrate as the older MPEG1 cameras. MPEG4 cameras are usually set
to about 1/3 the bitrate...i.e. same length video clip is 1/3 the
file size. But since MPEG4 is a more advanced compression method,
the video still looks as good or better than MPEG1.

And of course you know that the quality of the camera has something
to do with things...a MPEG4 camera could look worse than an MPEG1
camera if the MPEG4 camera is junk.

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