Canon S70 - why I'm still pleased

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Canon S70 - why I'm still pleased

Please see long discussion thread on my Canon S70 with lots of photos and input from other forum members -

Last night I did one of three gigs at a Elvis birthday concert by local band KingSized -
this is one of the pictures I took that I am particularly pleased with -

As a photo it's OK, and I'll admit, not that remarkable.

However it was taken [B]handheld @ 1/15sec[ B] with a focal length equivalent of 73mm (actual = 15.16mm), NO flash.

I do a lot of available/low light photography and at any shutter speed slower than about 1/30 sec there is the problem not only of camera shake/movement - but subject movement as well.

So this photo is remarkable in how sharp the subject is -

yet one can tell by the movement captured in the blur of the mallets (which is evidence of the slow shutter speed).

Not only that - the photo above is actually a very severe crop from the full frame -

now that is really remarkable..... and even I am impressed -

That's the reason I'm still pleased with my Canon S70.

See the other photos in the album -

Flat view
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