D200 underexposure?

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Re: Quesion for dannv

P & A modes place a lower limiit on shutter speed when using flash. setting slow sync removes this lower limit giving you more flexibility and control.

for me, the key is controlling the exposure. if i know exactly what the camera is doing, then i can easily adjust it if i'm not happy with the result.

the problem with P mode, matrix metering, and balanced flash (in particular) is that you can't know what the camera is doing. after much practice you can have a good feel at best. this is because the fuzzy logic system the camera employs is not deterministic. and also because it is difficult to be certain of exactly what the inputs are (eg: where exactly IS the cross-sensor and exactly how much of it fell on the dark tone vs the lighter tone?)

take control of your exposure and, even if you don't nail it, at least you'll be confident how to change it...dav
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