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Re: Similar Situation

Photography is about seeing and then putting that into an image. So the most important equipment you already have, your eyes and you brains.

A small pocket camera, though limited in phototechnicall ways, has the benifit of being so small that you can always cary it with you. If you suddenly see something you just take it out of your pocket and make a picture of what you see and feel.

With a large camera you can be too much into a mental mode of í am searching for a beautifull picture'.
Searching for something beautifull often makes you unable seeing it.....

Sean Caffrey wrote:

I am also a graduate student in Calgary, with travel lust and an
interest in photography. I recently upgraded to the 5d, for the
trip I am planning to India. I figured I it will be along time
before I go back so I wanted to have good equipment (but I am not
in debt yet). In my opinion the difference between good digital
bodies is likely less than between a good and bad lens (unless you
need huge prints). What lenses do you have?

I am also trying to find venues locaitons to show some of my
photo's although I am not confident that anyone would really like
to see them.

Some of my photos can be seen hereat . Sorry the site is slow
(broadband recomended) and in macormeedia flash, take a look if you

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