A new high end camera idea.

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A new high end camera idea.

What if Canon went to a 22mp sensor with their next 1D* body? And what if they made it so that you could shoot one of three ways; full resulution, or a high speed mode with 1/2 resolution and a super high speed mode with 1/4 resolution.

In standard mode it would be a straight 22mp camera.

But in the first high speed mode, the output of two adjacent pixels would be combined into one dataset and you'd have an 11mp sensor with pixels either twice as high as they are wide or twice as wide as they are high.

In the 1/4 resolution super high speed mode the output of four adjacent pixels would be combined into one dataset and you'd have a 5.5mp sensor.

It would all be full frame. You would just have the choice of getting the data from each individual pixel, or two combined or four combined. In the 22mp mode perhaps the highest shooting speed would be 3 fps. In high speed perhaps it would be 6 fps and super high speed might be 10 fps.

And what if you could shoot something at full rez and then decide to reduce it to 1/2 or 1/4 rez right in the camera before uploading it thereby saving lots of time and bandwidth?

The problem many photogs face with high res cameras is with the file sizes. If you know the image is only going to be printed in a newspaper, why shoot at 22mp? But if you could go from shooting an interview with some political hack at 5.5mp to shooting his assailant mooshing the cream pie into his face at 22mp, now then you'd have something!

Would it be feasible? The camera that is, not the cream pie. We already know that's feasible.

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