D200 focus issues ?

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D200 focus issues ?


Reading all the threads on D200 'soft' images - I decided to try a few tests with my own lenses and the focus chart provided byTim Jackson. The results were interesting - illustrating that if anything - my lenses are at fault and not the D200. But I submit the results on here for comment and to see if you agree with my own observations. All images are 100 percent crops and all are taken using only a single (centre) focus sensor - all are labelled and all are shot with the respective lens wide open at max aperture available.

First - kit lens 18-70mm at 18mm - appears to have a back focus issue at 18mm:

Now, the same lens at 70mm and it appears to be perfect:

Now, the 18-35mm at 18mm, it seems to be OK too?:

And the same lens at 35mm - again seems OK ?:

Finally - the 24-85mm. This seems to have a major front focus issue at 24mm:

Which has disappeared at 85mm:

I never noticed these issues before - especially with the 24-85mm. But I read elsewhere that I am expecting a lot for the focus sensor to cope at the wideangle settings with the subject at the closest point of focus. However - looks like using my 24-85mm at 24mm with the D200 is not worth considering. Or should I send it back to Nikon for front focus issues ?

Comment please anyone ?

(Thanks to Tim Jackson for the use of his focus chart)


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