R1 focus speed compared to PS cams?

Started Jan 1, 2006 | Discussions thread
Tom Cody Regular Member • Posts: 113

If you really need fast low light focus...absolutely stay away from the R1.

But that is really my only complaint about the R1. Image quality is outstanding. I shoot RAW only, and don't have any problems with the RAW file size...I just convert them to DNG after I copy the files to the PC.


malc wrote:

People must be kidding! Using laser pointers to assist focus,
playing all kinds of games with focusing, etc. Why not just return
the camera? I was looking to get this camera, but the 350d blows it
away in all aspects. It can focus in dim light instantly, has RAW
files that are half the size, can take other lense, has many flash
options, and is about half the weight.

The R1 is not worth $1000 when there are many SLR and lens
combinations that are the same price.

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