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I don't think the selphy 510 supports ICM

There are no profiles for that printer, and I couldn't print adobeRGB files properly. Best bet for this printer is have your working color space (and file) in sRGB (or not color managed) and select no color management. That printer is not made for color matching, just having quick OK--looking prints.

I don't know about profiles for the Kodak 1400, but a $500 printer should come with them. If you have a profile for this, select it in the print with preview dialog, after you select "let photoshop determine colors". As said before, the monitor profile is for display only, and photoshop uses it automatically, in Photoshop is should never be selected either for working color space (this is for sRGB, AdobeRGB, and such) nor in the print for preview dialog (that is for the printer profiles).

timned88 wrote:

ok, that sounds simple enough...i will give it a try
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