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Re: short- and back-lighting

Those terms refer to the placement of the key light in relation to the subject. Your key light is placed camera right, illuminating the side of the subject that is facing the camera - i.e., "broad lighting". If you were to keep the subject in the same position, but move the key light to camera left, then you would have "short lighting". As you move the light farther left, you would be illuminating the back (hidden) side of the subject, for "backlighting". This creates a nice 'halo' of light in some cases, keeping the front of the subject in shadow, and can be a more dramatic/emotional look. Experiment to see which you like best, and search for "short lighting" and "broad lighting" for examples and diagrams on this forum and elsewhere.


timned88 wrote:

what is a short to back lighting position...?
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