Should it be so hard to choose a stupid lens?

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Re: Should it be so hard to choose a stupid lens?

Karl R. Josker wrote:

Perhaps you are looking at this all wrong. Instead of worrying
about lens availability and selection, try analyzing your shooting
tendencies and habits. Look at old photos you have taken; note the
focal lengths used, and it is quite possible you tend to use a
smaller ranger than you think. If that is the case, get a lens
that covers your usual range.

This is a very good suggestion. I took your advice and used my software to find out the focal lengths I used for 200 photos I took in a field trip. It appears that 85% of them were taken within the range of 18-40 with my kit lens. So it appears that 17-40 is the one, maybe coupled with a prime in the long end. Thanks for all your suggestions.

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