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Re: Zoombrowser simply doesn't work that way>>>

While I could sort by capture date/time on WinXP, this ties up my
system while it is sorting through all the files. It takes a
relatively long time for the files to display,

I don't experience such a problem. I have a P4 at 3GHz with 512 RAM and everything works fine...

Sorting by timestamp also moves all the videos to the end of the
list, whereas I want everything in chronological order.

This is true. But personaly i want to see the videos seperately. Just a matter of taste.

I am also unaware of any program that batch renames avi files as
well as jpegs. Batch renaming seems a bother when I can have a
downloader program that does everything I want at the time of
transfer (Breeze Downloader Pro).

The last version of Zoombrowser can do this. Of course i hardly ever use it as i like to name my files with unique names according to the sensation the image gives. I hate to see images named "11-09-2005 - Me and Suzan..."

I use WinXP in thumbnail mode
for image browsing, Irfanview for batch resizing and renaming, and
Downloader Pro for getting the images from my camera.

As i said before, it's all a matter of taste. That's why there are so many programs out there that do the same or similar job....

All work and
load much faster than ZB, which I find clumsy and annoying. I have
no need for Zoombrowser, except the Photo Stitch function.

I used to like Irfan view but hated it's interface, then Picasa, then ACDsee [which in my opinion it's the best of all], but i like my Canon images better viewed in zoombrowser because it does some sort of live-sharpening when displaying. Do a comparison to the image you see in windows and a zoombrowser image. You'll see the difference.I don't like to go and sharpen all my images except the ones i am going to print. It's nice that sharpening is done automaticaly. Maybe Canon deliberately does that since deliberately makes its cameras capture softer images due to less in-camera processing.

Also i hate filling my hard disk with software that i will use only for one function. Zoombrowser does for me what i want. For the rest i use Photoshop and XP's capabilities.

As i said before, it's all about personal preference, but zoombrowser does a pic taken date/time sort, and batch renaming.
It's good to experiment with many things but i like it simple...
Oh, the latest Zoombrowser version can be downloaded for free...

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