Best prime < 500$ for street photography (1.6x)

Started Jan 1, 2006 | Discussions thread
BSell Senior Member • Posts: 1,747
Agree that the 35mm is not too wide...

on the 1.6x bodies. I got one for my 10D and it does make very nice pictures but is not near as wide as I would have liked. I bought it as a 'standard' focal length lens to replace the 50/1.8 as a standard low-light lens. If you like wide street shots, I don't think the 35mm will fit the bill.

If I ever get a full frame body, I will be setup with two very nice primes for low-light or shallow depth of field shots. My wide end is covered by the 17-40 and the longer end by the Bigma.

For wide angle street work, go as wide as you can stand on the 1.6x body. Some folks like a longer lens, like the 85mm or 135mm for a more 'sniper' look to thier street shots.


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