Vague s9000 negativity

Started Jan 1, 2006 | Discussions thread
Troutman Regular Member • Posts: 166
Re: This s9500 is good

Yep, agree with Richard. I also come from a S602/7000 background and think my S9500 is a much better camera. FWIW, a lot of negative vibes about this camera allude to supposed "other" numerous gripes which simply don't exist. Like Sel said, there were a few dud cameras but nowhere near as many as some would have you believe. Many negative posts have since been proven to be operator error/lack of understanding and from what I've read and seen, most detractors can't get past the fact that setting "any" camera on Auto won't make you a pro. Just remember it takes steady hands and good technique to pull off 300mm hand held shots that are sharp.....many seem to think this a given. Heres a snap of some tricky lighting conditions hand held on Chrome setting.

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