Just got a D70s, having some trouble

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Re: Just got a D70s, having some trouble

arenaman wrote:

Hi all,

I've just bought a Nikon D70s and have been trying out today.

So far, the results have been mixed. I took the camera out to North
Gare (Middlesbrough), the local beach, during the day - it was
quite cloudy but not really dark. Autofocus failed on quite a few

Which lens are you using on your D70s?

In the house, with the flash on, images turn out incredibly dark.
For example. I took a photo of our Christmas tree, the flash fired
and the result... the wall behind the tree was lit up (a bit) and
the tree itself was extremely dark.

Indoors I used AUTO mode and outdoors I had it on P, no adjustments.

Using the pop up flash this is what I do, set it on M, set aperture to 5.6 [front wheel] select spot metering, set shutter speed to 125 [rear wheel] aim and shoot.

You are probably thinking, hang on M is for Manual shooting.

Yes that's right you are manually setting the shutter speed and aperture BUT the pop up flash will work Automatically to correctly expose the flash at the aperture you selected.

Outdoors I would shoot in A mode, select an aperture of say f8 and let the camera select the shutter speed automatically, keep and eye on the shutter speed the camera selects, if it gets too low say below 60 lower your aperture down from f8.

Metering outdoors, use matrix metering when you take the shot look at the highlight warning on the LCD if it's flashing on a brightly lit area then switch to spot metering and meter on the area that the highlight was flashing on.

I bought this camera to do creative photography so yes, I will be
making manual adjustments. However, I also need to be able to point
and shoot, which I thought this camera would cope with.

The camera can certainly do that but it takes time to learn to drive it.

Is there anything I might be doing wrong? Has anyone else noticed
these issues?

If this is normal, it might have to go back as it really needs to
be able to do quality point and shoot as well as creative stuff.

Yes it is normal when you first start using a DSLR, relax learn a bit practice [the film is cheap :-)] and before you know you'll be wondering why you had any problems.

Thanks a lot!!
Michael Stubbs, Middlesbrough, England
My gallery: http://www.michaelstubbs.com/gallery

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