Vague s9000 negativity

Started Jan 1, 2006 | Discussions thread
Richard Freeman Contributing Member • Posts: 992
This s9500 is good

I loved my s602 to pieces, but the detail for cropping or large prints from the s9500 is remarkable. Yes the pics from it (s9500) respond very well to P&P (as did pics from my s602).
The thing I miss most from the s602 is no bin at instant preview.

Here’s an pic from a couple of days ago No P&P strait from camera with in camera sharpening set to ‘soft’, only resized for web.

S9500, 1sec, f4.5, ISO 80

OK, I may have to go and wash my mouth out with soap, but I can’t see myself

Going back to the s602, this s9500 is good. Mind you if I think I’ll want 5fps then I may………………………!

Best regards

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