Vague s9000 negativity

Started Jan 1, 2006 | Discussions thread
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Re: Vague s9000 negativity

I've always liked the 'Fuji' look to images.. MX-1200, 2800 Zoom, A340, S7000 then S9500... Still a happy customer .

I completely understand your reservations, and all I can suggest is that you choose a retailer that gives you the most flexible options of return or exchange if you're not happy. Often worth paying more for that...

I may be wrong, but the acknowledged two best 'SLR-esque' prosumers at present seem to be the S9500 and the Panasonic FZ30 so you're on the right track in the 'choosing process'. I'm certainly not biased to Fuji though.. If Panasonic get a nicer sensor behind those Leica optics I'll jump ship!

Don't forget that we are bound to hear more from those that are unhappy.. The happy owners will be too busy taking pictures.

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