Vague s9000 negativity

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Re: Vague s9000 negativity

Just make sure you buy the camera in a place where you can exchange it easily when something's wrong.

As far as I know, the s9500 wont fall apart after a few weeks: either it works or it doesn't work. In order to produce as many cameras as possible, the factory had a serious quaility issue, I am sure. Having said that, there is nothing wrong with the overall quality of the design. So as long as you make sure you get a good one that:

  • doesn't make a very loud clicking sound after only a few hundreds of photos

  • has good overall sharpness (lens alignment!)

  • doesn't have one or tow blurry corners (CCD alignement)

then you are safe. The lens alignement and the CCD alignment, when good, will not shift in time. The only thing that can go worse is the clicking sound, but then again, I know of noone who had that experience too. I had, and my camera was exchanged for a new one.

You might even go for an extended warranty.

My advice: don't EVER buy something on the web you havent seen or tried for real. Especially fraigile equipemnt like cameras.

And now the good news: I love this camera. Just let me say that again, to counteract all the negative news. remember this: People dissatisfied, make more noise than satisfied ones.

They hang around in forums like these, and their complaint, no matter how just, is heard much louder than the ones that just take beautiful pictures.

Ofcourse I can understand that, if I were to have a dud, I would be frustrated too, hell, I DID have a dud, but I also had a very good service from my dealer. Be informed about what this camera can do, and if it meets your demands. If there's cash in your pocket, and loads of lenses to use, go for DSLR. If you want ONE piece of equipment doing ALL, be prepared to give up a little bit on high ISO image quality, but gain on versitality and bang for a buck.

I know myself: If I would've bought DSLR, the shopping would never have stopped: TTL flashguns, wide lens, macro lens, zoom lenses, man, my bag would've been heavy and my wallet...well, let's say, my wife is pleased too. Also about the photos by the way, she loves the colors and resolution (she is a graphic designer).

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