Vague s9000 negativity

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Re: Vague s9000 negativity

I already have two Fuji's cameras (S5100 and F10).

S5100 is nice, it has good color, but it is pretty noisy above ISO100.
The EVF is grainy and the LCD is so small.
Overall, I am pleased with the pictures taken.

F10 is a little pocket camera. It is very discrete. You can take pictures in low light with no noise (up to ISO400), or some noise (up to ISO1600).

Now, the time has come, I need a more serious camera
Of course I am keeping my two Fujis.

I have to chose between Fuji S9500, Nikon D50 and Canon 350D.

I live in Croatia (Southern Europe) and the prices are pretty high:

S9500... 738 USD, 624 EUR, 428 GBP
350D.... 934 USD, 789 EUR, 541 GBP
D50...... 954 USD, 806 EUR, 553 GBP

Fuji S9500 is cheaper, has excellent colors and excellent resolution.

Canon and Nikon have low noise and are very fast. I don't like D50 colors, skin tones have that orange color (jaundice look) neither D50's resolution (less details than my F10)...

Stil, I am worried about those defective Fuji cameras...

I think I want a S9500...

I agree that S9000 pictures look 'raw' and 'soft' when viewed at 100 % on your computer. I downloaded some 9MP samples and sharpened them in Irfanview (20% sharpening), then I resized them to 1600x1200 (much closer to the A3 dimentions S9500 can print to) and sharpened again. The pics looked beautiful

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Fujifilm Finepix S5100 + Fujifilm Finepix F10

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