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Re: I see some different focus right field vs left


I am guessing now that there is nothing really wrong with the focus adjustment of your camera. If the center area where the focus was intended is within the depth of field at full aperture, your camera would have passed the quality control test of the factory.

I am now working on a test that allows you to verify corrrect focus within one minute and without a computer, because of the shape of the sensorand the way it works. This will work for manual as well as auto focus. It will also tell you if your eyes are capable of making a consistent manual focus. Give me a couple more days to perfect the proceedure and I will let you be my first tester. My test will show you the range of forward to backward focus in a marking system to 1/3 to 2/3 so there is no question as to the range for focus.

This will be a small chart that you could take to a camera store in your pocket and do an instant check of any camera or lens.

I think you will like the procedure.

Patience, please.....


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