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Re: coming back to the initial issues...

I found all of this very interesting.

Now finally, also after looking at the VF mirror hinging up, I understand the mechanism. It seems that once the large VF mirror is in a certain psoition, the smmaller AF mirror can still be adjusted/tilted without affecting the position of the VF mirror.

Without a lot of theory left(from my younger day physics) on optics it seems to me that:

1. first the VF mirror should be adjusted IF one could really check manual focus (I guess: do man focus by sight in VF - take pics and really check - adjust untill right) - I would assume this would bring the VF mirror exactly in the 45° postion?

2. Then adjust cam 1 and the AF mirror for correct AF - any adjustment here will not affect the position of the VF mirror?
3. Have a final check to see if both AF and manF are spot on

Alternatively, I think like Rinus said, don't bother with Man Focus and only adjust cam1 AF mirror.

Is my reasoning correct?

Starting with cam 1 adjustment, then go to cam 2 and use AF as reference to check and adjust the man focus, you would after first adjustent to cam 2 loose AF as a reference point, by introducing again slight misalignment in AF mirror. So then you would have to go back to cam 1; readjust AF, then back to cam 2 for second manF check against AF and eventual adjustment.
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