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the beard is smudged and his face is made of rubber. the glasses frames are sharp, which is contrast to the skin. i've posted many times that i feel people far overprocess images. if you try printing the original and the processed image, you'll often find the printed, especially a lab print will remove enough noise by itself.

i bought neat image when i got my D60, but after a few prints i realised i simply didn't need it. i have the following printed @ 10x15", it was ISO1000 underexposed my 2 stops then corrected in breeze browser. so ISO4000

the next is from my 20D, ISO1600. it's full of noise, especially 100%. but who prints that large anyway ...(?)

i can see it's a little easier with black and white. but this doesn't mean colour images have to be processed to the extent where detail is lost. i wisyh i had a 5D as this is slightly better per pixel than my 20D. with the extra resolution, it's unlikely i'd need ever noise reduction in Photoshop/C1

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[i'm hoping i've linked in the correct photos, i can't see them from this pc....]

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