Upgrade from G3 to G6

Started Dec 27, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Re: to upgrade or not to upgrade?

paymana wrote:

Are you getting a brand new full-warranty G6, or a refurbished one?
Last time I talked to Canon the "deal" was $299 for a refurbished
G6 (my G3 developed a problem, I called Canon, was told the
options, and then I fixed the problem myself).

I think iridzephyr's offer was for a refurb. You're right, refurb is not exactly "new", although sometimes they are better than "used". Over the years I've had good luck with 1 refurb (not a camera), 1 used SLR, 2 used lenses but I looked them all over very carefully and they had reasonable warranties.

I would wait and see if a G7 will be introduced in a few months
time. You can buy a replacement battery cheap, and honestly, while
you can spot the two dead pixels in a 4 megapixel image, can
everybody else spot the same problem? Photoshop them out ...

Good advice. If I can look hard I can see my (blue, not dead) pixel on a 20 inch screen, but it doesn't show up on smaller prints. Sometimes I PS it, mostly I've left it. Nobody looking at my screensavers has ever noticed my pixel. Except of course, my wife. That's life! cheers, gkl

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