What's the obsession with "environmentally sealed"?

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What's the obsession with "environmentally sealed"?

This keeps coming up, especially in re the 5D.

I don't know how many people here have dragged cameras around in the drizzle and rain before, but unless you are talking about someone pouring a bucket of water on your camera, "environmental sealing" with o-rings and whatnot is not necessary.

Is it that people feel that ordinary inclement weather can damage an expensive camera and lenses? It's very unusual for that to happen. If it rains on your camera body, dry it off as soon as possible. No problems.

Is it that people feel sealing will protect their camera body and lenses from tropical heat and humidity? Uh, no, nothing but very careful storage, cleaning, and handling will do that, and you should plan on sending lenses off to have fungus cleaned out of them anyway.

Is it that people feel an environmentally sealed camera is less vulnerable to the effects of corrosive environments, like sea spray? Nope, not really. Salt water will corrode anything, especially when it finds two different metals in contact or nearly in contact with one another. You have to clean lenses and bodies no matter how many o-rings are involved - unless you want to carry everything around in a dive enclosure.

All environmental sealing does for you is provide brief protection against total or near total immersion - the proverbial bucket of water or wave over the bow onto your camera.

It is nice to know, though, that if your 1D + 70-200IS gets a full dose of airborne seawater, you can dump a bucket of fresh water on it to get rid of most of the salt.


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