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Re: D7 is too buggy.

Totally agree with everything below!

Do yourself a favour & don't get caught with Minolta's POS ( & I don't mean point of sale!)

Good Luck


OverExposed wrote:
You will no doubt be advized to buy this camera by everyone here,
but you should also be aware of some of the problems you will
probably get using the D7. I'm a previous owner of the D7, and I
think you need to know all the facts to enable you to make a more
balanced decision. I do not dispute the fact that the camera
produces very nice images when you can get it to work, macro for
example is excellent. However, it must be one of the buggiest and
slowest camera's I've ever worked with. Here is a short uncomplete
summary of problems I had with mine before I traded it in:

1. It won't accept just any CF card. A 128MB I tested in the camera
at the
shop stopped working in the D7 the very next day, even though it
perfectly in every other camera afterwards. Lots of people have this

2. It corrupted my 1GB MicroDrive several times, losing an entire

3. Mine sometimes crashed to such an extend that I had to remove the
batteries to get it going again. Others will tell you this is
because of
batteries, but it even happened with fresh 1800mah batteries which
discharged/charged 10 times. It will also shutdown by itself and
restart 1
minute later for no apparent reason.

4. If you use the camera in manual mode, the EVF & LCD panel shows you
approx. what the exposure will look like. However, sometimes it
overexposed the shot, even though it looked fine in the EVF,
regardless of
the exposure setting or changes to it. I don't mean 1 stop, but a
burn out.

5. It will sometimes confirm focus when it's obvious it's not focused,
regardless of using spot focus or wide focus. The complete photo is
out of focus, not just the object I wanted to focus on. The
autofocus is
also very slow, a big problem for me because I do lots of sport
like soccer and bicycle races.

6. Studio hassles: There is no PC terminal, and you cannot use the
EVF & LCD panel to compose your shot, since it goes dark when you
put the camera into manual mode. So, to compose you have to refocus
continuously, which really drains the batteries, and this slows
down the photoshoot a lot.

7. I found the weird " " shaped distortion at 28mm unacceptable &
impossible to correct afterwards in Photoshop. This is OK for
landscapes, but looks dreadful if you have straight lines like
buildings in the photo.

8. Forget about using ISO 800, it's just too noisy.

9. You cannot use alkalines in an emergency, it doesn't work.

10. RAW mode isn't buffered at all, so you cannot use that for
shooting. JPG is buffered, but the compression level is way to high
for my

To sum up: I liked the quality of the pictures taken by the D7, but
sold it due to all the bugs that irritated me. Come on people, if
Minolta or Nikon or Canon ever released a 35mm body that had as
many bugs as this one has, they would be the laughing stock of the
camera world, yet digital fans seems oblivious to all the problems
they have to cope with. I also tried to defend the D7 initally, but
only because I paid 1000 pounds for it and needed to make myself
feel better about my purchase. Oh well, I guess I'll wait another 3
years for the next generation of digital cameras before I test the
waters again.

Pat C wrote:

Hi Minolta guys & gals:

Just went into a local Best Buy to scope out the newest digicams.
They had a D7 there & the sales guy just sort of shook his head &
said out of 6 D7's they had sold, 4 had been returned by
unsatisfied customers. He said they just weren't satisfied with
the quality of the images coming out of the camera. I currently
have a 990 and am looking to upgrade. Loved the stats about the D7,
but is it really as much of a dog as the sales guy hinted at? Tell
me the truth, now.

Thanks in advance, Pat
Pat C

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