F10 contrast too high? Slow card reader?

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Re: F10 contrast too high? What about F11?

Tosiek wrote:

Good news: Portrait mode reduces contrast.
Bad news: you cannot set exposure compensation in portrait mode.
High contrast is a PITA for all F10 users. I don't know if the F11
is any better in that matter. Anyone?

I stand corrected, good spot Tosiek!

Took 2 shots of same subject and had same exposure and f-stop. Looking in PS at the histrogram there was a fair difference. The manual shot was near clipped on both shadows and highlights but in Portrait mode had a way lower flatter image and was a good bit away for clipping shadows and highlights.

I'd live without exposure comp if I thought the highlights and shadows were well away from being clipped. But on the downside I've noticed, that noise is more noticeable in portrait mode compared to manual. It's the same with the E900 also. Seems fuji are using a different tone curve in portrait mode.

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