frustrated with the S9000

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frustrated with the S9000

hi all, this is my first post here. i've gone through a good number of the past threads and am still not feeling like i should be keeping the S9000 i got as an early christmas present. the quality of the images is dreadful. i keep reading that this is a camera that takes time to grasp, but when i look at the images these same people are posting as "good quality", i hate to admit it, but i am NOT impressed at all.

granted i haven't done serious photography in years, and am a little rusty on the mechanics...and .i've also been using my Fuji 2600 for the past three years, manipulating what few aspects i can with the old point-and-shoot. still, the photos i get from the 2600 are FAR superior to the S9000.

just a few examples from my old 2600:

i can't get even CLOSE to the kind of clarity and focus with the S9000 in similar lighing situations. i was thinking the S9000 was going to be a HUGE upgrade, but instead, i'm getting worse photos, even using a tripod! AND i'm trying just about every setting possible. this is not a case of a user who's simply going for the point-and-shoot.

any suggestions?

as i said, i've looked at some of the photos mentioned on this forum, and - no offense...this is not a commentary on the artistic value or eye or anything like that - but the basic quality of the photos simply is NOT there.

i DO want a camera with flexibility, where the user has some control....but at the same time when you're using the auto function, dammit, shouldn't it work to at least the same degree as a far inferior model?

i'm very frustrated with this camera. i was hopeful when i came to this site and saw others struggling with getting to know the camera, and i was VERY hopeful when i clicked on links to look at the photos that were supposed to be the "good" ones by those learning ...but i'm sorry, i just don't see the quality. and i WANT to! i love everything else about this camera!

thanks for any advice

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