Why I shoot Large Format

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120 MP

Well those 20MP files are downsampled pretty heavily.

The original scans are 120MP. On a well shot image with the right subject, a high-quality lens shot at the right aperture and a high-quality scan with a drum scanner or the like, that will be 120MP worth of detail (with individual pixel-level color accuracy instead of Bayer interpolation).

Of course the LF image will have more grain (noise) to be dealt with in post-processing with Neat Image or the like than any dSLR or the R1. And the occasional dust spot to be cloned out. . .

You could scan at more than 2400 DPI if you wanted a really huge print (say 100 inches across) but there would be little additional detail gained.

And of course that is the final point -- I am shooting LF so that I can print very large, detailed landscape images when I decide to.
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