A1/2 wireless remote components

Started Apr 14, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Re: A1/2 wireless remote components

Hi Keith,

Sorry you were unable to source one of these units. It may be difficult from the USA.

This is the one I purchased onThursday, complete with made-up battery power sources for 12volts and 9volts. The transmitter - which takes the signal from the A200 remote commander - is on the right,the receiver is on the left. Apart from making up the battery packs there's no techy stuff involved at all.The thing with the red circle round it sticks over the remote sensor on the camera. I've just tried it at 30 metres and it's fine and of course the camera does not have to be 'looking' at the remote commander.

I doubt if there are any left now but I may pop down to Aldi to see.

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