4/3rds System, where Nikon would have gone?

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4/3rds System, where Nikon would have gone?

In this month's Asahi camera magazine, an article was published on Nikon's QV-1000c digital SLR. This DSLR was designed from scratch by Nikon and is not compatible with their F-mount.

The amazing thing about this camera is that it looks alot like the Olympus E-1. I think a system similar to 4/3rds is something that Nikon would have gone forward with as well if they were not tied to legacy Nikon F-Mount lenses.

Note the design of the camera body which is very similar to the Olympus E-1, it looks almost like an Olympus E-1 prototype. The lens mount is very similar to the 4/3rds system in terms of the design; the ratio of mount to the imager size, the position of the electronic interface is similar to Olympus and different from the traditional Nikon design.

Another interesting thing, if I am not wrong, Nikon appears to have designed the world's first F2 SLR zoom lens the Nikon QV-mount 11-120mm F2 ED Lens and the worlds first F1.4 SLR lens, the

QV-mount 10-40mm F1.4 zoom lens. The lenses appear to be of a telecentric design. It seems that the Nikon system is adopting similar ideas to the 4/3rds system.

I think that if manufacturers did not have to support legacy film lenses,, The Olympus 4/3rds design principles would be somehting that was adopted by all the other manufacturers as well.

I've linked to images from the following pages, more info can be read here.

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