Tamron 90mm Macro as a portrait/tele lens?

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Re: Tamron 90mm Macro as a portrait/tele lens?

Sophie Wilson wrote:

I don't know! Most of the time I'm using these f2.8 lenses wide
open (and when that isn't adequate, its the FA 50 f1.4...) - it
really is rarely bright enough under stage lights to stop down very
much at ISO800 (and don't talk to me about what its like when the
lighting director is going for "mood").

Yes, your experience conincide precisely with what I found at the occasions I did stage shooting.

I find the sharpness of
them fine - and I don't do much post processing beyond using
QImage's default sharpening setting - but I am only printing 6x4"
from most of my stage work (some 12x8 for publicity - they
generally look fine, too!).

That's what I wanted to know, the performance wide open. Thanks again for your valuable input!

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