Is it an offence to take photos of police on duty? (In Australia)

Started Dec 18, 2005 | Discussions thread
slowhands Veteran Member • Posts: 5,470
Is it an offense to pass by an opportunity such as that?

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When herded over to the general public side of the street because I didn't have proper media credentials... you BET I shot a nice series of officer friendly with his P&S... as he got his cam from patrol car # , walked over close to the horde of PROPERLY credentialed media, snapped pics, jockied for position, snapped more, walked back to his patrol car to CHIMP the pics to his buddy, then repeated 2 more times, all the while confronting John Q Public about where they could stand.

Local media and the captain of the local police department received emails describing the incident...and suggestions the training of officers assigned to such events in the future be improved.

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