Tamron 90mm Macro as a portrait/tele lens?

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Re: Tamron 90mm Macro as a portrait/tele lens?

Sophie Wilson wrote:

Its not optically fast enough for stage shots: I have an SP 90
(non-Di) and used it on only one stage shoot. 77 f1.8 or 85 f1.4
(which I have) are both much nicer for stage work. I think AF is
slow on all three of these lenses, so you may need to alter your
shooting style to fit, but it may not be possible to get something
which focusses quickly in stage work conditions.

Thanks for the alternative suggestions.

I'd also say that the 90 is too sharp to give a flattering
portrait. Obviously this is a personal opinion, but although I like
its results as a macro lens, as a portrait lens I'm not keen.
Whereas Tamron's 28-75 XR Di is wonderful for portraits as is the
FA* 85 f1.4 and to a certain extent the FA 50 f1.4. (28-75 is
optically fast enough for stage work, although its the same f2.8 as
the SP 90, because its a shorter focal length.)

Hmm, had the 28-75 also in my mind, and you endorsing it makes it even more interesting. Is there a great difference in sharpness between 2.8 and stopped down to 4.0 with it?

Thanks a lot for your input, Sophie!

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