I love my new Mac BUT...........

Started Dec 18, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Re: Guy...........

Making the switch is much harder for us former PC users than it is for computer newbies. When I bought my first iMac I wrestled with night and day for an entire weekend. I felt like Jacob after he wrestled with God. I was out of joint! After a good night's rest, I cleared my mind of the Windows way of doing things and just went with my intuition and I found things much easier, I was able to use my computer to work the way I thought instead of having it wizard me through operations. I guess that is why some of us Mac Heads are accused of having a religious zealotry. Buying a Mac takes a lot of faith on the part of a PC user, but if you really take the leap it is worth it. If you try to make your Mac into a PC you will only be disappointed.
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