H1 - why 72 dpi?

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Re: H1 - why 72 dpi?

Mike Fitzgerald wrote:

AAK wrote:

However, that obsolete standard still remains in some places....
such as Photoshop! Which also defaults a new image to 72 "pixels
per inch".

...and which most people don't realise can be changed in user
preferences. My question is why they didn't take it one step
further, by providing an option to override the resolution tagged
by the damn fool camera. Still quite arbitrary of course, but it
would allow a little more order to be applied initially when one
has several cameras of different brands.

.. & why not take it to a final step .. leave it out altogether ? people who never print their stuff themselves have no use for it and people that do should know better anyway .. and for those that use an external print service it is also irrelevant

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