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storry from Toronto service

I took my D60 in for servicing. The rear color LCD showed a greenish tint on all my images. It was very obviouse - when I took a shot of snow outside and on the LCD was greenish even though the picture was fine.

Anycase the girl agreed and took my order. While I was waiting the fellow beside was picking up his XT from repair. He was very upset and starting telling me his storry. As we chatted his camera was brought out and he started testing it right away. Next thing I know he started screaming from being so upset and gave the camera back. Then he said I need a witness and handed me the camere and asked to look through the view finder. haha ok so I get it I look through and sure enough I understood why he was angry. There was a big curly hair stuck on the inside of the view finder. I mean it was huge.

He also tested the initial problem where the Xt would lock up when flash and P mode was used. Sure enough the camere froze as he tested it.

He bought it new - had the camere in service for 6 weeks and it still wasnt fixed.

I received a phone call 2 weeks later stating that they couldnt find anything wrong with my D60 camera and they cleaned it, checked it and it was all at no charge. When I picked it up I asked for a service technician and showed him how the snow was green on my LCD. He agreed it was strangebut didnt offer a solution. I asked about color calibration on LCD's or just replaced the LCD. Then I thought about the other fellow and said thank you for the free cleaning and checkup and walked out.


Steve ( Toronto)

Zee Char wrote:

Now you have me worried. I have a 20D and purchased a 300L. I did
not think that the lens was as sharp as it should be. Two guys
where I bought my lens tested it for a week with another 20D and a
film camera. I aslo took it to a local camera repair store. I even
ran into the Canon rep and he put the lens on a store camera and
mine . Everyone thinks it's the camera. Back or front focusing.
The Canon rep said Calgary was backed up and we should send it to
Toronto. Now I know why. I'll insist it goes to Toronto. Anyone
with any Toronto horror stories?

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