Why is my Fuji S9000 Taking such awful images?

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RawDogg Senior Member • Posts: 1,029
Why is my Fuji S9000 Taking such awful images?

Maybe I received a lemon but this is the worst digital camera I’ve even owned. I’ve owned 4 Fuji Digital Cameras to date and this WAS the 5th. From the moment I took the first picture I noticed the image quality was way off.

I have a Fuji E550 and it took better picture that the S9000. I called Fuji Support line thinking I was doing something wrong and they could not figure it out. I had to return the camera. All this after selling my Fuji S7000. What a stupid move that was. I thought I was upgrading but in fact I did a super down grade.

Like I said maybe I received a lemon. The image quality was not sharp at all. The edges were dull, the color was not vivid like the S7000. Focusing indoors was extremely slow. I love taking picture of my 21month old son and I couldn’t enjoy the grainy images. The flash was useless. I tried everything. I read the manual cover to cover trying to figure it out, but I couldn’t. I did love the way the camera was setup but that’s it. Fuji’s Support line asked me to do a number of things but none of them worked. Closeup / Long range / full Zoom nothing looked good.

Man what a disappointment, a $548.95 disappointment. Even my wife said the pictures were awful. She said “wasn’t this suppose to be an upgrade?” I told her “I thought the same thing”.

My camera history is:

Fuji 2800Zoom (2MP) very good camera great picture quality.
Fuji 3800Zoom (3MP) OK camera great picture quality.
Fuji A205 (2MP) not worth the time to rate it.
Fuji S5000 (3MP) very good camera wonderful picture quality.
Fuji S7000 (6 / 12MP) great camera, great picture quality.
Fuji S9000 (9MP) great camera setup, awful picture quality.

I’m going to but the Nikon CoolPix 8800, it cost a little more but I need quality images.

I tried to buy another Fuji S7000 but had no luck. I want a new one not used.

Tim x fujiman


Same Results...

I received a replacement from buydig.com and I'm getting the same results. Same fuzzy images, long time to focus indoors and ends up out of focus. Now I know I did not receive a lemon or defective camera. I've searched the internet for other user reviews and I would have to say 30% of the complaints are the same as mine. I think Fuji has some bad units out there and they need to fix the problem.

My images are not clear and sharp as other reveiwers are stating. I wish they were. I know I'm not doing anything wrong. This is an advanced point and shoot camera. You point it as a subject, allow the camera to focus and shoot. How simple is that. Even when I print them out they look awful.

I use to own a Fuji S7000 for almost 2 years and wanted to upgrade to the S9000. What a mistake on my part.

I wish I had received one of the good cameras running around out there. I'm stuck with my Fuji E550 for the holidays.

Very disappointed in Fuji. I could understand if it was just me but other users out there are having the same problem as I am. All over the world. Please check out all the user reviews you can before shelling out over $500 for this piece of $#!^.

Tim x Fujiman

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