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Guess my luck was better...

The lens release button came off my 20D. So, in early September I went to my local Henry's (Ottawa) and talked to them about getting it fixed. They said that it was taking two months for Canon repairs. Not wanting to be without a camera that long, I decided not to send it in right away (could still change lenses by pressing the exposed metal tabwith my finger nai)l.

About a month later, after getting a 5D, I sent the camera off to Canon Toronto, along with the battery grop and asked them to do four things:

  • Fix lens release button

  • Do the standard battery grip repair

  • Clean the sensor

  • Clean the mirror and housing

After about three weeks with out hearing anything, I sent a polite e-mail asking about the status. With no response to that, I sent a few progressively more assertive e-mails over the next week. Then they called and left a message. Claimed they were missing a part for the battery grip. I called the number they left and told them to send back the camera immediately and the battery grip whenever they got the part. Two days later, camera and battery grip arrived. The lens release button was fixed. The mirror and housing were obviously cleaner. After taking some pictures, it was obvious they had cleaned the sensor. And, it appears they fixed the battery grip as well.

There was no charge (the warranty expired about the time I got my camera back). I was pleased that it took only half as long as Henry's indicated, and that they did everything asked for without even trying to charge me. I was not happy with how difficult it was to get status out of them.

Overall, it was a positive experience, though. Perhaps my expectations were too low.

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