Two new lenses from Nikon

Started Dec 9, 2005 | Discussions thread
Pierre Sottas Contributing Member • Posts: 787
VR works perfectly for macro...

put a Canon 500D close-up on a 80-400 VR and you have a very nice macro lens that goes close to 1:1 reproduction ratio. Yep, VR does not stabilize longitudinal movements, but VR allows to appreciate much better where the focus line is in the viewfinder. That's make a BIG difference in the field, especially with the D70 and its small VF. When lateral vibrations are reduced, it is much easier to find a good focus point in the VF in moving back and front. Do not underestimate the use of VR for shooting macro handheld, sometimes the theory does not say everything...

If Nikon produces a micro 105 VR (and I bet that they will!), I will be one of the first to consider this lens, even though I would have prefered VR on the 200 f4....

two examples with 80-400 VR handheld:

happy macro

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