Is it an offence to take photos of police on duty? (In Australia)

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Paul Amyes
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Re: Is it an offence to take photos of police on duty? (In Australia)

In Australia, well it depends upon the end use of the photo. If the shot is "newsworthy" no. If the shot has commercial value for advertising etc then model releases are required, and permission from the police department. If you are deemed to hampering the officer in the course of his duty, you can be charged. You can be charged for causing an obstruction, if the officer percieves that you are. So per se its not illegal, it depends on how you go about it and the end use.

As per the deletion of photos I would politely suggest that I will be happy to delete the photos down at the station under the guidence of a senior officer. If things get nasty get the name and number which they are required to give and make a formal complaint.

I've never had a problem with police. Private security guards are another story.

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