What Photoshop fill for 18% grey card?

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Re: What Photoshop fill for 18% grey card?

SimonG156 wrote:

As subject, if I wanted to print a grey page at 18% grey, what
should I use for the grey in Photoshop?

LAB. L=50*, a=0, b=0

Actually L=49.5, but 50 is the commonly accepted and used value. The difference isn't observable.

Make sure you select Absolute Colorimetric when you print or you could be off 10% or so due to paperwhite perceptual or relative scaling.

PSCS2 has a bug in the color fill mode when the image is rgb. Apply the LAB values to foreground then fill from foreground as a workaround.

Printer made "grey" cards are good for setting exposure, but not for white point balancing since they often have very spikey spectrums. The better printers for this have more neutral tone inks. For instance, the 2200 is a lot worse spectrally than the 2400 for this purpose. The 2400 is pretty good at neutral grey that stays neutral under different lighting.


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