E500 colors are off - what am I doing wrong?

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Re: Please post a sample

After fidling with the LCD for a while and comparing its color output against my monitor's color output, I tend to agree that this is part of the problem. The colors on the LCD look much warmer than they look on the monitor, which is a bit confusing, but not a big issue. I just have to keep that in mind when reviewing the shots on the LCD...

Also, my final conclusion about the green hue reported yesterday is that the custom WB seems to not do a great job for this type of lighting (fluorescent) -- it simply doesn't calibrate the camera properly. Under incadescent light the CWB works better. For halogen light it's flawless. Outside in sunny weather the shots using Sunny WB and custom WB calibrated off of snow look very well on my monitor (but way too warm on the LCD). Outside in cloudy weather the shots calibrated off of snow look a bit strange; I can't quite tell what's strange about them, but I am still investigating.

Thank you all for all your help; I am beginning to feel more comfortable with this camera!

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Amfibi wrote:

dslrenvy wrote:

THe camera's LCD monitor is hardly color accurate. It's a fairly
low resolution device for general viewing, not really for checking
color or even exposure accuracy.

Well, it is reasonably good anyway. And the images usually look
perkier on the lcd than they really are, so I don't think that is
the issue here

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