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Zack Arias
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Good idea + results so far

I need to learn more html.

What I really want to do is learn how folks can click a radio button to vote for their image and only allow them to make one vote per day. Then they can keep coming back to the site each day to vote again.

I'm 5 days into the contest and have gotten over 10,000 hits to the site. 6,400 unique visitors. 985 votes for the bands and artists in the gallery. It's pretty much the best marketing thing I have done. Ever.

It is also helping my search engine rating. I'm back on the first page of google for the search of Music Photographer. I fell to page 7 when I launched the new site. And I'm the very first result on yahoo if you search for Atlanta Photographer.

We are seeing an increase in booking inquiries as well as requests for other types of work like model portfolios and headshots.

Do ya'll think a wedding photo or family portriat photo of the year contest could work for individual's sites? You could do a "senior photo" of the year and give an iPod or something. That's what I would do at least. Voters would win iTunes gift certificates. I think it would work out really well.

Zack Arias
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