F10/11 Tips and Tricks for users

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Tips for the best panorama

To produce the best possible shots to later "stitch" together in software (such as "Ulead COOL 360") I recommend three tips:
A. Allow some overlap of around 1/3 to 1/4 between adjacent shots.

B. Don't use the zoom at the extreme wide or zoom as this exhibits the most barrel or pincushion distortion (generically called geometric linearity distortion).

C. Don't spin the camera around the tripod socket axis. The correct point is under the center of the larger lens extension's silver colored band. Some call this the "nodal point" and another dpreview poster insists, "entrance pupil" is the proper term. I'm currently working on a small aluminum bar to screw to the bottom of the F11 to account for this needed shift. I can't seem to find the post in here that relates to how to find this magic point, right now, but it involves moving the test camera forwards and backwards along a large "V" shaped pair of converging lines drawn on paper underneath. When in the lcd display the lines appear parallel, you have located the proper...er..."panoramic pivot point".

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