Canon D30 upgrade?

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Keith Jewell Regular Member • Posts: 261
Canon D30 upgrade?

Okay, I'm at two dilemas here. The first one is simple.

Should I get a D30? I have the money for that and one lens. I've taken about 3k photos since December of 1999 with my current camera, a Coolpix 950. I enjoy digital, mostly because I find that I only want a print of about one photo in 30. So it can be said that either I take too many pictures of things, or I need to get better at what I choose to photograph. I already have plenty of computer equipment and some Photoshop experience, as I understand that's important for photos that are shot in RAW mode.

Points for D30:

-Exchangable lenses. I really want to do long tele work occasionally, and don't care for the very slow solutions offered for the few P&S cameras that have it.

-Fast response, and real controls. I find myself going into menus all the time to change options which should be controls on the body, like focus and metering. The Coolpix is quick for some of those things, but not as quick as a seperate control.

-Shutter lag. Darnit, I hate missing the shot I want because I didn't anticipate by the right amount of time. And shooting continuous is only half a solution.

-Video-ey look of the pictures. Tiny CCDs always seem to have something Not Quite Right about the image quality. This could be a personal thing.


-Cost. The D30 is still a lot of money - I could choose any P&S plus some accessories for the same money.

-Weight and size. It's a bigger camera. I'll keep the Coolpix for snapshots regardless, as it's so tiny and convenient.

-Lenses. I have to pick one lens to start unless I buy 'consumer-grade'. I don't want to corner myself for further future options.

I plan to keep the camera for at least 3 years, as it's not going to take worse pictures in a year just because something better is out. Any help here?

Second dilema. Lenses.

Right now, I'm certain what lens I want to get second - the 17-35 2.8L. And I'm certain what lens I want to get third - a long tele zoom of some sort.

But what lens do I get first? I've got three real options here.

24-85. Seems to be a good lens for use with the internal flash, it's small, light, and fairly inexpensive.

28-135IS. All sorts of nice words around about this. It's feature-packed, a reasonable weight, and has a nice long reach.

28-70L. Well, this lens is heavy, large, and expensive. Does it work with the onboard flash? Or do I have to use an outboard flash with it? I've handled a friend's 35mm with this lens on it, and was very comfortable with the weight. And the fast-ness seems wonderful.

I realize this is a lot to ask. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks.


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