Somebody switched from Canon 20D to Sony R1 ?

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Somebody switched from Canon 20D to Sony R1 ?

I tried a lot of digital cameras. I have experiences with Fuji Finepix 2600 Zoom, Cannon Ixus 400, Minolta A1, Nikon D70 and Canon 20D.

From todays view, I would say that I have got very good pictures with my Fuji Finepix 2600 Zoom, although it only has 2 MP. There was nearly no visible noise in the pictures.

Due to noise reasons on later purchased camaras and also for an even more better picture quality, I decided finally for the Canon 20D.
All in all a good noisefree camera .. but ..

1) Frontfocus / backfocus problems (depending on different lenses)
2) No preview display
3) Was possibly already used (20D comes with no sealed packagings)

Mainly for reason 1), I'm thinking about buying a Sony R1 in addition.
I did'nt had an all-in-one camera yet, which had focus problems.

I think that this is the reason, why the all-in-one cameras are tested and adjusted as one part before dispatch. There are no tolerances of single components (body and lenses) which can add togehter after adjustment.

What do you think? Can this be the reason why an all-in-one camera can produce pictures where the focus is more correct?

My Nikon D70 as well as the Canon 20D haven't shown the sharpness in the pictures I wanted to have. Nikon D70 was better (due to the weaker filter?) but it was noiser than the Canon 20D.

What do you think on sharpness and noise (in low iso modes) of the Sony R1 compared to the sharpness and noise of the Canon 20D?
Sony R1 starts first with ISO 160? Canon 20D starts already at ISO 100.
I don't really care about the speed and also I will keep my 20D.

Does the Sony R1 come in a sealed packaging?

Thank you in advance.

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