Confused SB600+D70 wireless, help!

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Jo Lovell
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Confused SB600+D70 wireless, help!


I'm looking to buy to SB600 before Christmas for my D70 and can't get my head around the D70 wireless comander mode. Can someone explain how it works please? I've tried the manual and loads of googling can't get a definitive answer, plus salesmen have given conflicting advice. There seems to be lots of confusion out there!

I'm presently used to only using manual flash mode on the D70 with an old manual external flashgun fired via the D70 inbuilt flash. I.e, not connected physically, it fires the external flashgun via a light sensor I've attached to it.

One obvious advantage of an SB600 is on-camera automatically metered flash. What I don't understand is how it works off-camera.

If I only use the inbuilt D70 pop-up flash to fire the SB600 off camera do I still get TTL metering from both? Does the D70 communicate any information to the SB600 or is it just in 'dumb' manual mode?

If the D70 and SB600 communicate information, how? through the pre-flashes, through infrared, through radio waves?

If it's through the pre-flashes somehow I'm worried that in daylight the SB600 won't be able to see them and won't fire properly. Does anyone have any examples of the SB600 used in wireless off-camera mode with the D70 fired in full daylight?

Sorry if these are easy questions, I'm a wirelss flash newbie.

Thanks in advance!


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