Is your kit lens soft?

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Is your kit lens soft?

Lots of discussion lately about kit lenses being soft.

I hope I am not boring you with something you already know however maybe some newbie's don't know, so here goes.

Lots of people for whatever reason seem to believe that NO POST PROCESSING is something special, I assume that is so because they bother to note that there was no post processing on their posted images.

Confusion arises since we really don't know what in camera settings they used, for example they may have in camera sharpening set to HIGH.

They can rightfully claim no post processing but it is post processed already in camera if you have set sharpening to anything other than none.

Someone else who has in camera ahrpening set to NONE looks at a posted pic that claims no post processing and thinks, wow that looks so sharp my images dont' look like that, my kit lens must be soft I better have it repaired or replaced.

Post processing is always required in camera or later with software it's your choice but having NONE results in some pretty dull SOFT images.

I posted this image a few times, here is a version with no in camera sharpening and nothing else altered just resized.

Resizing makes the image even softer, so a resized imaged does require post process sharpening.

here it is post processed

another sample, no post processing

post processed

all these shot in RAW with D70 and Nikkor 18-70 kit lens

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